I am a High School Special Education Instructor at a large high school in southwestern Illinois. I am a father to a son and husband to a loving wife. I was born in Louisiana and have a passion for Louisiana State University and the New Orleans Saints. Now living in Illinois I follow Illinois Football very closely having met and worked with their coaching staff. My intention with this blog is to be a sound board for my experiences as a high school football coach. This is my fourth year with our program. I coach running backs, help our offensive coordinator with game planning and assist our head coach with various tasks that go along with our program, self proclaimed Director of Football Operations if you will. This year with the help of some of our other coaches, I have spearheaded a character development program and team building activities for our athletes. As you can probably guess this is truly a learning experience, and that is my motivation for this blog. To share with other coaches and fans of football what it is like to be on the sideline and outside of the huddle.

Leadership and character education is a passion of mine.  Not a day goes by where I do not think about how to improve the program and the individuals associated with it.  I am learning as I go and it is truly a difficult but very rewarding experience.  As with the implementation of any new program, there are peaks and valleys and this blog is a soundboard for both.



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