OBJ + Norman = A smiling NFL

Watching the situation play out last weekend between Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Panthers corner back Josh Norman, it was kind of entertaining.  I mean come on, this is why we watch the NFL right? To be entertained, and that’s exactly what those two provided for the fans on Sunday.

In previous posts, specifically this one, it has been mentioned that the NFL should strictly be watched for entertainment purposes, and if you watch for any other reason, say looking for role models or people to look up to, you will more than likely be greatly disheartened.  This is exactly what the case was on Sunday.

If the NFL cared about keeping the integrity of the game, they would have had coaches who were proactive to the situation.  Crews that mandated ejections.  People up in the box who put a stop to the situation on the field.  If they truly cared that much about how these two knuckle heads were acting on the field, then Dean Blandino, who supposedly suggested supporting ejections during the height of the conflict, would have taken charge and put his foot down and made it happen.

Instead we have a reactive league.  A league in which they are quick to fine players or suspend players after the fact and slap them on the wrist with a minimal punishment in the grand scheme of things.

When you have a society that is constantly judging boys by the three B’s, billfold, bedroom, and ballfield, you will continue to have such behavior.  When society steps up, and more specifically the NFL, and starts to be proactive about this type of behavior then more people will start taking them seriously.  The coaches, the referees, the NFL VP of officiating… it was okay with all of them??? Such a huge industry, that can do such much good for the sport of football, and for all sports, and really down deep it is no better than the World Wrestling Federation.   I don’t know why I expected better, but I did.  I kept thinking that, of all these adults standing around watching this, there is no one that will step up and do something about it?

Provided great entertainment though didn’t it?


Photo Credit: foxsports.com





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