Too good not to share…


I am in the middle of reading a book called “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek.  What an incredible read so far and I am only half way through it.  Below are some of my favorite parts and quotes to this point.

“Leadership is the choice to serve others with or without any formal rank.  There are people with authority who are not leaders and there are people at the bottom rungs of an organization who most certainly are leaders.”

“Leaders are the ones willing to look out for those to the left of them and those to the right of them.  They are often willing to sacrifice their own comfort for ours, even when they disagree with us.  Trust is not simply a matter of shared opinions.  Trust is a biological reaction to the belief that someone has our well-being at heart.  Leaders are the ones who are willing to give up something of their own for us.  Their time, their energy, their money, maybe even the food off their plate.  When it matters, leaders choose to eat last.”

We (leaders) need to work on being better from the standpoint that we don’t have to agree on everything.  Too often times viewpoints get in the way of leading others.  Set aside differences and put the team first.  What matters most to the team at that given point and what is going to help the team become a better entity.  The fact that Simon Sinek says “They are often willing to sacrifice their own comforts for ours, even when they disagree with us.” speaks volumes as to what a real leader is about.  Something I really am trying to focus on myself, it is not an easy thing, but nothing worth doing is easy.

“The cost of leadership, is self interest.”



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