1 is a powerless number…

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I challenge you to think about something significant in history that has been accomplished by only one person.  Think about it, history is full of huge accomplishments, and how many of those accomplishments have been achieved solely by one person.  Very difficult to find a situation where a group of people wasn’t involved in the successful venture.

Einstein credited his team, Neil Armstrong didn’t get to the moon on his own, Thomas Edison had a team of people working with him, and even Tiger Woods has instructors, a caddie, and a team of people who make his equipment.  As John Maxwell writes in his book 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, “One is too small of a number, to achieve anything great.”

As a football coach we really strive on building a team.  It seems like our greatest victories are team wins.  Sure individual players can have great games, but never in the history of the sport has a player scored a touch down without someone throwing him the ball, handing it off to him, or blocking for him.

How do we get this through to our players?

Stand in front of your team and ask every player who has ever scored a touch down to stand up.  Surely there will be a handful of players that stand up.  Ask one of them how great it made them feel to score that touchdown.  You may even ask them what their favorite part of scoring that touchdown was for them.  Have them remain standing while you explain to them how we can’t win games without these players who score touchdowns, how important they are to our team.  Really put an emphasis on how great of an accomplishment it is to score a touchdown.  Finish up with this; tell those players that are standing to remain standing if they were the only person on the field when they scored that touch down.  They should all sit back down at this point.

At no point in the game of football are you the only person on the field.  There will always be your teammates, those who block for you, those who pass for you, those who catch for you and even those on the sidelines who cheer for you.  You could even go so far as to say there are players that may never see action during the game, but make you better in practice by the effort they give when practicing against you.

In my next series of blogs, I am really going to strive to focus on teamwork and what it means to have a true team.

1 is a powerless number in team sports, now the question is, do you have a team of 1’s or do you have a team?


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