How the Ducks do it…

You think football and it’s coaches and you may think big, burly, intimidating men, I am not that person.  Standing all of 5’8″ tall on a good day, weighing 150lbs soaking wet, I don’t get the attention of my players by my stature.  What better way to get their attention than to yell at them right??? You are right!  I do yell at them, but not in the way you might think.  I had one player ask me during a practice this past season how old I was.  When I replied with 32 years old, he said “man I sure hope I have your energy when I am 32 years old”.  I do yell, but I yell in excitement, I yell for good things, I yell to get the kids excited to play the game we all love.  I jump up and down, I run around like my shorts are on fire and I often try and compete with the kids.  I love to bring the contagious energy.

Those of us who have been around coaching football for many years, have probably been on either side of a verbal outburst by a coach on the sideline or on the field.  This article from the Wall Street Journal shows us why The University of Oregon Ducks, do things a little differently.

What do you think?  Is there still a place for yelling on the field?  Does that send a message the kids can relate with?  Are we becoming too gentle or “soft”? What if it was your kid being yelled at? Is it situational?





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