SMART Goals Day 4 – Results Focused

If you have ever heard of SMART goals before, you have probably seen several different “R” words here.  I have seen Realistic, Relevant, and Results-Oriented.  I prefer the term Relevant.  Realistic goes too closely with attainable and Results oriented makes sense, but if you focus so much on the results, you could lose track of the path to get there.

So why I prefer, and why you should write goals that are RELEVANT.

This is quite possibly the biggest reason why I prefer not to use the term resolutions.  Resolutions have come to be known as the things we are going to make every year but not attain.  Too many times we hear more about breaking our resolutions than we do about meeting our resolutions.  Resolutions are more closely related with breaking, than they are attaining.

Goals should be relevant so that the passion is there.  If you make goals that pertain to your particular situation and the things that you want to accomplish, you are more likely to apply the effort and commitment to attaining those goals.  If they are relevant and pertain closely to your situation, you have no excuses, only successful results are acceptable.  If for some reason you don’t meet a goal, you adjust, and try again.

One other thing that you need is, a coach.  Often times you can’t go at it alone, and even if you can, a coach will help you get there quicker than ever before.  I love being a coach, having a coach and the idea of the coach.  They should be there for you every step of the way.  I will focus on coaches more in another blog, but while you are writing out goals, find a good coach for you along the way!


Make you’re goals relevant to you. No one should tell you what your goals are, you make your goals, make a plan, find a coach and climb that mountain.  Makes reaching the top that much more sweet!


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