SMART Goals Day 3 – Attainable

The impossible demotivates.  Motivation is a tricky thing.  I have heard that there really is no such thing as creating motivation for someone. They are either motivated internally, or they are not, but regardless of that debate (I will write on this at a later date), creating goals that are not possible, will only hinder one’s attitude toward achieving said goal and there is nothing more real than attitude.  You have to create goals that will keep the individual, or team, interested and invested.

If you only make 50k a year, it is unrealistic to expect to pay off 25k in debt in a year.  If you only bench press 135, it is unrealistic to expect to bench 225 in a few months.

Set attainable goals that will keep you interested and motivated until the goal has been met.  You hear so many things about how nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it, which is a great thought, but be realistic, there are things that are impossible.  Not everyone is going to win every game.  Not everyone gets a medal in real life.  You are going to get knocked down, there are going to be times when life sucks, but regardless of those things, persevere and remember what it is you are working toward.

This does not mean to make goals that aren’t going to challenge you.  You should make goals that are going to make you push your comfort zone to a level you have never known.  Get out of a the box you live in and get to work on building a new box only to bust out of that one eventually.  Nothing worth having in life is easy, so while you are setting these achievable goals, make sure that you are pushing yourself outside of what you already know.  You should struggle to achieve your goals.  The path to your end result should be a long, tedious and bumpy road, but the reward will be sweet at the end.  DON’T MAKE IT EASY!!!  Goals should be attainable and realistic, but not a cake walk.


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