How much do your kids know…

So I saw this video the other day… Watch here.

My first thought was, wow that poor kid.  You play all game, all 11 out there on the field, all those kids on the sideline, all those hours of prep work and the game comes down to that.  The coaching side of me, tells me that the game isn’t won or lost on one play, there were other things that could have been done during the game to secure the win.  On the other hand, man take a knee!  Yes it shouldn’t come down to one play, but that is how games work sometimes.  You play all game and often times it is one play that determines the win or the loss.

Regardless, what this really reminded me of, is how uninformed some of our athletes are about the game of football.  Do your athletes know all the rules and understand the different situations that could possibly happen during a game?  I would imagine the answer that question is a resounding “no”.  While football is a pretty simple game, there are so many different things that could happen and weird rules that apply, it is tough to be a professional in them all.  One big rule we got called on this year, was our receiver not coming back inside the numbers after a play had been run.  We run a high tempo offense and often times our receivers are lined up outside the numbers and just block or run their route and then report directly back to their alignment.  Well we learned this year that they are enforcing the fact that he must be inside the numbers before each reporting to his alignment.  Goofy right?

While the play on the video is common sense for a lot of us around the game, what are you doing in practice to promote your athletes knowledge of the game?  Are you putting them in situations that cause them to think under the pressure and the stress that they face during a game?  Remember that the only football some of our kids learn from, is what they learn playing Madden 2015.

I would highly recommend presenting as many situations to your players as possible.  If they don’t learn it from you, they might not know it.


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