Demand, don’t demean!

One of the things I have learned from our head coach early on in working with him, he expects our coaching staff to be demanding on our players, without being demeaning.  Thinking about that, it is a brilliant motto and one that is pretty well all encompassing. 

There are many types of effective coaches.  No matter your method of coaching and getting your point across to players, always keep in mind that phrase, “be demanding, not demeaning”.

We have high expectations for our players.  Many people have played and coached before us that have built a program of success, and it is on our shoulders to pass those same success’ onto the next team and staff when the time comes.  Each year we have to replace starters, transfer students and athletes for various reasons, but the results must be the same.  We still expect our goals to be met whenever our season may end.  Everything that we do, we have a purpose to it.  We condition, we practice, we study, and we meet with a purpose.  We preach effort, discipline, commitment and finishing what we start.  We want our players to play and practice with 100% effort for their team.  We preach to our athletes that the team comes first.  We play for the name on the front of the jersey, not for the name on the back.  As a coaching staff we bring energy and enthusiasm to practices so that it is contagious to our players.  We demand these things on our players by modeling them, preaching them and praising them.  Our coaches get just as excited for big plays and athlete successes as some of them do.  Need proof? Watch the coaching staff on this play. Watch the right side of the screen on this video.  See our coaches??? This was only during practice!!! 

When you invest in your program, and your athletes, your ideals rub off on them.  We want our players to build upon this energy and use it in a manner that helps them become successful both on the field and in life.   All of these things we do without demeaning the athletes.  It is important to do everything you can to stay positive when giving criticism.  There are plenty of teachable moments in high school athletics.  It would be very easy to be negative and get frustrated, but you lose focus on your goals when you do that.  No one wins if you are negative.  Demand excellence and demean no one.  Often kids will remember the negative moments tenfold over the positive moments.  Give them memories, but make sure they are positive. 

Be demanding, not demeaning… I love it! 


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