Happy Father’s Day

As I sit here today and read posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I reflect on what Father’s Day means.  Not only to me, but to all of the people I am reading about.  I have gotten messages from family, fellow coaches, former players, current players, former team managers, current team managers and former students today, all taking the time to wish me a Happy Father’s Day.   How awesome is it that all these people have taken the time out of their day, to think of me this Sunday, this Father’s Day.


My father taught me way too many things in life to list on here.  I owe so much of who I am today to my parents, it would be an injustice to just name a few.  Even sitting here trying to think about that one thing that I remember most is nearly impossible.   So many of my qualities, good and bad, I owe to my mother and father.  I like to think that these messages I received today are a direct result of the teachings of my father and mother.


As a father, a coach and a teacher, you must remember that at all times there are young adults forming invaluable character traits while watching you.  Everything you do, say, and don’t say, is being absorbed like a sponge by those young minds around you.  It is apparent today more so than other days, because today we reflect on what our dad’s meant to us.  Whether they are our father by blood or by other regards, the result is the same.  There are not many men in your life more powerful in shaping your future than the person we call “dad”.


Today, and every day, take time to reflect on how you are portraying yourself as a father, teacher and coach to those young minds around you.  Is it something you are going to be proud of in the future?  Is it something that can be improved?  Is it something that you have never really thought about?  I challenge all of us in positions of leadership, to step it up a notch for the sake of our youth.  We all can improve, we all can do better about creating a positive atmosphere for the youth we are around.  Some of our most vulnerable kids out there are looking for a father figure in their life, be that man.  Be the person that they can count on.  And to your own children, step up be someone worth looking up to.  Don’t take any moment for granted and don’t let any moment pass unappreciated.  You don’t get second chances to mold your children into men and women of character, make every moment count.


To all the dad’s out there today and every day, whether your children are blood or your children are those who look up to you as a result of you being that father figure in their life, Happy Father’s Day, and keep up the good work!

My 2 year old shared this poem with me the other day and so I share it with you. 



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