As a young coach, you come in to a program and immediately identify people who can make you better and you follow their lead. You sit quietly in the background and it becomes apparent who the coaches are that you want to epitomize, who the coaches you want to make a habit of following their lead. We have all had these coaches right? 

He was one for me.

I was always impressed how he handled himself amongst coaches and players. He demanded the respect of the players and you can tell they listened to him when he spoke. He demanded the respect of coaches on our staff and on other team’s staffs, demanded it just by his actions and his knowledge of the game. He put in time and effort that would rival any coach on the planet, at any level. I am truly blessed to have called him a fellow coach, one whom I learned from and continually strive to be. As a young coach you need mentors, and he was and will continue to be that for me.  A great person, a great coach and a better family man.  I respect everything he stands for and the work he does. 

I wish him the best on his new endeavors and I thank him for everything he has done for me.  Good luck Coach and Thank you for all you have done for me and our program.


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