Should I be surprised?

Remember when I said that the NFL is strictly an entertainment venue?  I believe my previous blog about “Watching How They Play, Not How They Act” pretty well sums up this entire situation doesn’t it?  For the most part yes, but let me clarify a few things.

Credit to for the picture through google images.

Credit to for the picture through google images.

What an athletic play!  As a former defensive back, that picture sums up the athlete that Richard Sherman truly is out there on the field.  No one can argue that he is one heck of an athlete.  Speed, closing ability, hands and football intelligence to name a few of his finer qualities.  I actually read an article today stating that he does homework that is comparable to the likes of Peyton Manning.


Sherman is also a graduate of Stanford University and with a degree in communications, one would assume he would be very well spoken.  Well, often he is well spoken.  I have seen many interviews with Sherman, and once the focus gets off him and onto football, he is very well spoken.  If you can get over his pure arrogance, you might even be able to respect him as a man.  I don’t know Richard Sherman personally, and I make it a point to not speak about someone I don’t know, but when a man has an interview like he did last night, it is hard not to pass judgement.

I understand that he just made a play that many of us couldn’t.  I understand that he graduated from Stanford.  I also understand that he could possibly be more intelligent than a lot of the people who are upset with his interview, but that doesn’t make it right.  In fact, that makes it worse to me.  While yes, he is paid to perform and entertain, and he did both last night, it doesn’t make it acceptable.

Someday my son will have a professional athlete that he will really favor I am sure.  I know I had my favorites growing up and heck I still do, but the thing that I want my son, my athletes and all of you to know, is that you have to separate admiring their abilities and admiring the person they are.  There are too many athletes out there that do great things with their life and conduct themselves with integrity to lump them all together, but unfortunately the NFL got a big black eye last night.

Should I be surprised that an NFL player had that interview?  Probably. Am I surprised?  No.  Watch how they play, not how they act.

Thank you Richard Sherman for this teachable moment and providing me with more ammunition for my cause to develop men of character.



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